Chaseburg Snowtrailers

Chaseburg, WI

Upcoming Events

October 14th Monthly Meeting @ Chaseburg Village Hall - 1:30pm

November 9th Steak Fry @ Chaseburg Village Hall - Check Facebook for more details!

November 11th Monthly Meeting @ Chaseburg Village Hal - 1:30pm

November 27th Snowmobile Safety Class Part 1 @ Chaseburg Village Hall 

December 1st Snowmobile Safety Class Part 2 @ Chaseburg Village Hall

December 8th - Member Christmas Party - Details to follow

December 9th Monthly Meeting @ Chaseburg Village Hall - 1:30pm

January 4th Board Meeting @ Chaseburg Rod & Gun 

January 5th Annual Queen Banquet @ Chaseburg Rod & Gun

January 19th & 20th 49th Annual Trail Days in Chaseburg, WI

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