Chaseburg Snowtrailers

Chaseburg, WI


 The lucky hunter will receive $50.00 and will ride in the Trail days parade.

All Clues can be found below...

MEDALLION CLUE #1 - Now that our vision is better and we’re all seeing 2020 it’s time to celebrate! Chaseburg Snowtrailers will start off this year with a dance, parade and plenty of fun. Join in, it has begun. The medallion hunt is part of the plan. A snowmobile on the wooded stand. In a bag you’ll find this precious prize. Go out and look with your 2020 eyes!

MEDALLION CLUE #2 - Packers play today, go cheer them on! Pins hold the bag with the colors they don. Blue tape as a seal and a binder for strength. Folded the bag to a shorter length. The Packers score will help you find, the goal that you seek, 33 comes to mind.

MEDALLION CLUE #3 - In the park, on the trail or even a hill. Wherever it hides, please don’t take a spill!
Stepping out in the cold, is what you must do. Clippy clip up and down and enjoy the view.