Thanksgiving Week Work Thanksgiving Week Work We started off on Friday, working on Ak Lallas' bridge. 19041201 Trailer full of big, 3 inch thick planks. 19041193 Trucks full of supplies. 19041202 Finishing one end. 19041194 The finished product. 19041196 This bridge is big and solid. 19041195 Ak on his new bridge. He helped us out a bunch on this bridge and is one of our great land-owners. 19041197 After Lallas' bridge, we headed down the creek to finish the Harter Hill bridge. 19041198 This bridge had a great turnout of people a couple weeks prior to set I-beams, weld, and hoist the monster up with two escavators. 19041204 Another pic of the bridge 19041199 As you can see, it was getting dark as we finished a long day of work. 19041200 Picture from the Highway 56 bridge. 19041222 We worked on this bridge all day Saturday and Sunday. There was a lot of welding that needed to be done. 19118877 Chad L. cutting extra wood off of the planks. 19118878 Worker Bees 19118904 Chand grinding some steel. 19118880 Deck of bridge 19119358 The Peters' tractor and generator. 19119236 Span of bridge. 19119237 Chad got the skid steer stuck =) 19119865 Back at work after we got him out 19119239 Nailers are on the unfinished approch. 19119240 Farther along. 19119220 19119855 Pre-Finishing in Romance 21286364 Pre-Finishing in Romance 21286338 Pre-Finishing in Romance 21286339 Pre-Finishing in Romance 21286337 Pre-Finishing in Romance 21286340 Pre-Finishing in Romance 21286381 Pre-Finishing in Romance 21286365 Pre-Finishing in Romance 21286382 Pre-Finishing in Romance 21286383 Pre-Finishing in Romance 21286384 Pre-Finishing in Romance 21286336