Chaseburg Snowtrailers

Chaseburg, WI

Chaseburg Snowtrailers 47th Annual Trail Days

Raffle Winners

1st Place: Casey Halverson
2nd Place: Lance Eitland
3rd Place: Du Stafslien
4th Place: Chad Leis
5th Place: Paul Proksch
6th Place: Dale Krambeer
7th Place: Rob Harris
8th Place: Ron Mack
9th Place: Gail Marx
10th Place: Dan Herlitzke
11th Place: Cassie Grimsled
12th Place: Tina Kagel
13th Place: Linda DeGarmo
14th Place: Brian Snodgrass
15th Place: Jill Gettelman
16th Place: Amanda Hoff
17th Place: Todd Rood
18th Place: Chad Leis

Congrats to all and thank you for a great Trail Days!

See you next year!