Chaseburg Snowtrailers

Chaseburg, WI

Please join us for the 1st annual Chaseburg Snowtrailers Beer Mile Mud Run!!
August 26, 2017      10:30 am
Chaseburg Village Park

      Come down and Run/Walk/Jog/Crawl and Drink your way around our 1 mile mud and obstacle course. There will be 5 beer "Pit Stops" along the route to help you replenish your fuel tank. A scenic and challenging course will lead you around the walking trail, Coon Creek, and Chaseburg Swamp located below the Chaseburg Village Park. Come get buzzed and muddy with us in Chaseburg! (Don't worry, you certainly don't have to be an athlete to complete this course.)


       All ages welcome, but you must be 21+ to enjoy the adult beverages. $20 gets you a free Mud Run T-Shirt and 4 - 5 beers along the course!

Registration/Check In - 10:30 - Noon

-Bring a valid ID

-Sign wavier and get your wristband

- "Heats" of about 15 people will begin at noon!

Course Info

1. Bridge Crossing - A simple down and back on  our snowmobile bridge that welcomes snowmobilers to Chaseburg.
2. Beer Stop #1 - Enjoy your first cold beer of the day!
3. Coon Creek Run - Take a little dip and stroll down the creek to the swimming hole.
4. Belly Crawl - The name explains it all. Belly crawl through a tributary to the creek.
5. Field of Tires - Throw back to high school. Watch your step!
6. Ladder Climb - Navigate your way up and over sets of ladder climbs built into the trees. There is sure to be a wet landing on the other side!
7. Beer Stop #2 - Catch your breath in the middle of the swamp and enjoy some music.
8. Sapling Maze - Duck and weave your way through the trees to make it back to the walking trail.
9. Creek Crossing - Over and back across the creek. We will have a guide rope available.
10. Beer Stop #3 - Having fun yet?
11. Tight rope - Carefully cross the high line poles in the swamp, or you'll end up full of dirty, stinky, mud!
12. Cemetery Hill - Probably the hardest part of the course, it's just a little hill...
13. Beer Stop #4 - You'll probably be tired from that hill, so we're gonna replenish you and get you geared up for the homestretch.
14. Slip n' Slide - Cool and down and enjoy the slow ride down the hill.
15. Hay Climb - Varying stages and heights of hay bales that you will have to climb over.
16. Shortcut - Take a quick stroll off trail
17. Field of Tires #2 - Get those knees up!
18. Final Beer Stop- The end is in sight..... From up on the hill anyways..
19. Walk the plank - Cross the stream via a narrow plank and scale the outfield fence.
20. Outfield Shenanigans - Various obstacles.
21. Home run! - Drag a tire around the bases and finish up the entry road to the ball field. 

We will have a water station to clean yourself up with afterwards if you so choose. Food and refreshments will be served all day and we will be having tip boards and some other raffles. We look forward to seeing you!


**Printable Registration Form**

You may also print a registration form and mail it to
Chaseburg Snowtrailers
Chaseburg, WI 54621